To the Tired Mamas Running Themselves Ragged -
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To the Tired Mamas Running Themselves Ragged


I know.

I know that what looks easy in your life takes great planning and coordination and a whole lot of work plus a little bit of luck. 

I know that your body may be still right now, but your mind is on overdrive. You’re thinking about your to-do list and your grocery list and that thing you wish you hadn’t said and that person from middle school who still has no idea how much they hurt you.

I know your brain never stops.

I know you need a break but can’t seem to find the time, and I know you perform a million little tasks that aren’t noticed unless they’re not done.

I know, from one woman to another, the invisible weight you always carry.

I might not know all of your specifics, but I think I know how you feel.

I know you wonder sometimes if any of it matters at all, if the details of your days add up together to equal anything that’s making a difference.

I know you wonder if anybody really sees you — the real you, behind the put-together facade you show the world.

I know you’re afraid that you’re messing it all up, and I know you regret what you can’t go back and change.

Yes, believe me, I know.

So right now, let me tell you what else I know.

I know your life matters in hundreds of tiny ways you cannot see and do not know.

I know nothing you do each day goes unseen by the One who made you. I know He looks at you with nothing but love.

I know it gets old washing the same clothes, cleaning the same toilets, packing the same lunchboxes, and teaching the same lessons, but I also know that love is shown through consistency and reliability.

I know your everyday life gets boring and feels insignificant and you sometimes wish for it to be different, but I also know you are exactly where you need to be — even if you don’t understand it yet.

I know you’re raising a little person who will change the world.

I know you are changing the world.

I know your obedience will be rewarded.

I know your faith will continue growing.

I know your questions may not always be answered, but I know your God will always be present.

I know your life matters.

I know you are loved.

And I know you probably needed to be reminded.

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