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Disclosure: the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you order any of them through this site, I'll make a small commission. Guys, I've started a closed Facebook group, and it's been a long time since I've been this excited! A few weeks ago, I felt God nudging me to help pass on what I've learned about health, fitness, and nutrition. I'm not an expert by any means, but as someone who has battled for at least 25 years with body image issues, I've certainly learned a lot! So when I felt like I was supposed to help other people and the idea of a Facebook accountability group came to me, I went for it. The group is already forming, and we start our first month-long challenge on August 12. (If you're interested, just comment on this post or search for "Focused & Fit with Jennie" on FB and request to join.) As we're getting started, I thought I'd share with you some of my products that I use all the time. All of these are links to Amazon, so you can easily add them to your cart and purchase them at the same time. Vital Proteins Collagen People ask...


My faith looks like a drama in three parts. Act 1: Questions. Does God see me? Can he hear me? How could he possibly love me? Am I really going to heaven? Is the rapture going to happen tonight? I think I sinned again -- am I going to hell now? What happens to people in countries who don't know about Jesus? Can I listen to music that isn't Christian? Does God want me to be a teacher? Does God love women as much as men? Does God tune me out when I repeat my prayers? Do I have to understand everything in the Bible? Am I a bad person if I don't read my Bible every day? Act 2: Certainty. (A short-lived phase.) God sees me. He knows me. He loves me. Yes, I'm going to heaven. No, we don't know when the rapture is happening. No, I'm not going to hell because I sinned again. Yes, I can listen to music that isn't Christian. God wants me to love him more than he wants me to focus on one singular career path. Yes, God loves women as much as men. No, he doesn't tune me out when I repeat prayers. No, I...


"All I wanted was for people to just be there for me. I didn't want to hear all of their stories. I didn't need to know all the verses they thought applied to me. I just wanted their presence." She explained what it was like going through her darkest times, how the people who loved her sometimes helped greatly and, sometimes, unintentionally pushed her farther away. Her words struck a chord, because I've been the person offering the stories. I've been the one supplying the verses. And, if her words were any indication, all the things I thought were helping weren't. They might have even been hurting. Realizing your pure motives aren't always enough for people is a humbling experience. What we think will help doesn't always, and instead of offering what we think people need, we have to train ourselves to ask what will actually help. Here's the difficulty for me as a Christian: I want others to know what I know, to experience what I've experienced with Jesus, to feel the healing I've felt, and to know God's goodness even in crappy situations. But what I forget is that no other person experiences God exactly as I do, and trying to...