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30 Reasons I’m a Really Bad Mom


I tell myself I’m a really bad mom because:


  1. I don’t make homemade bread for my children’s lunches.
  2. I didn’t deliver my children naturally or without drugs.
  3. I don’t feed them only organic food.
  4. I don’t use only natural cleaning products in our home.
  5. I let them watch TV so I can have a moment’s peace.
  6. When they ask if they can have a silly string fight, I say no because I don’t want to clean up the mess.
  7. When they ask if they can have ice cream after school and before supper, I say yes because I’m too tired to care.
  8. I don’t force them to make their beds every morning.
  9. I make them wear the same pants two days in a row because I forget to turn on the dryer sometimes.
  10. I sit on the couch and ask them to bring me a drink.
  11. I forget to move the stupid elf.
  12. I make them clean their own toilets.
  13. I don’t give them an allowance.
  14. I don’t check their homework unless they ask for help.
  15. I only breastfed 50% of them.
  16. I let them sleep on their bellies as babies.
  17. I let my son stay up past his bedtime to watch football games.
  18. I yell at my daughter for leaving her wet towel on the floor. Again.
  19. I only let Santa bring 4 gifts for them each year (want, need, wear, read).
  20. I told Santa he cannot bring them a phone.
  21. I told my crying child at a sports practice to suck it up or we were going home.
  22. I told one child not to tell the other child we went out to eat without her.
  23. I will let laundry sit in a child’s room for weeks without putting it away because he has arms and I’ll wash it but won’t it put away and I have bigger fish to fry.
  24. I don’t buy them name brand clothes for the sake of having name brand clothes.
  25. I don’t feel guilty for going out of town without them.
  26. I forget to send school party items I sign up to send in.
  27. I tell them to fix their own cereal and turn on cartoons and let me sleep in on Saturday mornings.
  28. I don’t make Pinterest-worthy presents for their teachers.
  29. I say no a lot more than I say yes.
  30. I use the old mom line, “Because I said so. That’s why.”


But today I’m reminding myself I’m a pretty good mom simply because:


  1. I love them.


What did I leave out? What would you add?



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  • Scott Drew
    Posted at 09:45h, 14 December Reply

    The things above are normal correct? I am a father and I also do most if not all of the things above.

  • Elaine Keller
    Posted at 10:23h, 28 December Reply

    You’re a really good Mom because if I can guess anything about you, you point them to Jesus. And that carries eternal weight.

    • Jennie Scott
      Posted at 16:35h, 28 December Reply

      Thank you, Elaine. That’s my goal!

  • Esther Berkson
    Posted at 16:04h, 02 January Reply

    To my child I don’t proclaim, “I found your wallet…ATM card….drivers license,,,phone!” when I come across them (on a weekly basis) under the couch…on the floor of the car…or some other place.

  • Kristin Schrecker
    Posted at 23:33h, 03 January Reply

    #11 made me laugh out loud (forget to move the stupid elf). It’s followed by several points that make you an awesome Mom! And I’m glad you go out of town without guilt! You deserve it!

    • Jennie Scott
      Posted at 12:11h, 05 January Reply

      Thanks, Kristin! I’m so glad the elf flew back to the North Pole… We were getting desperate at our house!

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