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Bags of Good Intentions

I had an argument with God today over trash, and He won.
I was innocently walking to my car after work, juggling three bags across the parking lot (because who doesn’t need three bags full of stuff you won’t actually work on over the weekend even though you tell yourself you will?).
And there it was. A piece of trash. Plastic littering the serene asphalt landscape.
I saw it and had that thought we all have: “I should pick that up.” And then I had the other thought we all have: “Nope. Not mine. And my hands are full.”
So I loaded all the bags of good intentions into the mom van and intended to head on my merry way. That’s when I heard it. No, not the James Earl Jones voice of God booming from heaven. The quiet whisper of God in my spirit. “Go back and pick that up. Right now.”
I didn’t want to. I wanted to blast the air conditioning in that van and drive away and enjoy the beginning of my weekend. I wanted to let someone else’s trash be someone else’s problem. But I couldn’t. So I didn’t. 
The thing about God is that He’s not bossy, but He’s compelling. When He speaks, He will be heard. The thing about humans, though, is that while we often hear God, we often choose to ignore what He says.
For someone seeking to set herself apart for God, small matters like trash become great opportunities to practice obedience. Walking across parking lots provides opportunities to listen for the Spirit’s words. 
There is no place we go and no action we take that is not important in our faith journey. Mundane Friday afternoons (when you think the important work of the day is already done) can be the most important parts of the week. 
Someone else’s trash, when you take it on as your own, can escort you into the very presence of God.
So, Lord, thanks for winning the fight today. I guess you really do know best. 
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