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Just Do What He Said

Sometimes I wonder if Christians are irrelevant to the unbelieving world because we remove ourselves so far from it.

We recite one of our favorites, that we are to be in the world and not of it, and yes, that is true. But while we’re in the world we can’t just sit back on our velvety cushioned pedestals and rain down judgment and condemnation. We can’t see the problems plaguing very real people and rest on our laurels.

What does it say of our faith when we have every comfort the American Dream can provide but our brothers and sisters around the globe are slaughtered for the very same faith? What message do we send when scores of refugees are fleeing imminent death, but we refuse them aid? What is revealed of our God when His people are best known for rejection, isolation, and materialism? What message does the world see when churches squabble with each other over minor issues such as contemporary music versus traditional hymns (and we do so by passively aggressively posting articles on Facebook rather than having actual conversations with actual people)?

People – real people – are starving to death and dying of preventable diseases and are being persecuted for following Christ, and all of that happens while we American Christians shoot daggers in each others’ backs (ignoring life and death issues and heaven and hell issues) because we can’t believe someone would dare wear blue jeans to church instead of starched shirts and ties.

No wonder so many people think we’re crazy.

How about this for setting ourselves apart?

Let’s do what Jesus said. Let’s love Him and love people. Let’s help those who need help and encourage those who are hurting and lift those who are down. Let’s be light in darkness and salt in tastelessness and hope in despair.

Let’s give our extras to those without, and let’s think of how we can show love rather than show why someone’s wrong.

Let’s be like Jesus, for Pete’s sake.

We make Christianity about a million little things it was never intended to be about. We strain out a gnat but swallow a camel and forget that love covers a multitude of sins.

Favorite Bible Verses | Corstina

Love God and love others.

The greatest commandment – the simplest one – and the one that we almost never follow.

Really want to set yourself apart today? Love. Just love.

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