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For Such a Time

For each of of the next 21 days, I will be sharing specific ways believers can set themselves apart for Christ through prayer, fasting, and intentional focus. Today continues the theme of “setting yourself apart because…”

You were created to exist in this very moment.
There is nothing accidental about who you are, and there is no mistake in where you are. Every aspect of your life is working together as part of Christ’s divine plan. Even the parts of your life you wish could be changed are serving a God-ordained purpose. 
the NKJV is slightly different, but it does still give the same message of God calling us into certain situations.: the NKJV is slightly different, but it does still give the same message of God calling us into certain situations.
Your purpose in God’s kingdom is why you are to set yourself apart. Because of God’s great desires to work in you, Satan has great plans to attack you. Without deliberate action on your part to pursue Christ and his ways, you will fall prey to Satan’s ploys and his ways. It is only through setting yourself apart that you can withstand, and it is only through setting yourself apart you can understand.
No one accidentally falls into a godly lifestyle, and no one accidentally becomes righteous. Choosing to seek God’s face – deliberately – is the next step for all believers, no matter where and what they are.
Today’s Prayer: “Lord, today we say your words back to you and claim them for ourselves.  ‘My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.’ (Psalm 27:8). In all parts of our lives, it is our desire to see you. It is our need to hear you, and it is our hope to find you. May you find us faithful in relentless pursuit of you.”
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