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On a Plane Again

Tomorrow is a big deal for the new Mrs. Scott. From this point forward, it shall be known as ‘the day Jennie got on a plane on purpose for the second time in one summer.’

Kind of catchy.

The first time was to catch a cruise ship out of Puerto Rico for a luxurious honeymoon where someone else turned down my bed and made cute animals out of my towels. Sunday is to go to Nicaragua for a mission trip where bats are said to fly through the house I’ll be staying in and where I will have zero access to a hair dryer or flat iron.

So the trips will be slightly different.

Other than the plane ride, I’m so excited I can’t stand it. If I could just be beamed up like Scotty, all would be well. However, beaming up technology hasn’t made its way to me yet, so I’ll be forced to zoom through the air at 500 miles an hour in an aluminum can.

Can I get some pills, please?

Suffice it to say I’m not the best traveler. I have what might be called in some circles a slight case of the panic attacks. My poor new husband still bears the claw marks on his arm from our previous flight. If I could just be the one flying the plane, I think I’d be ok. It’s a control issue. And maybe a “we’re 30,000 feet above the ground” issue.

But whatever.

Once we arrive in Nicaragua, we’ll be working with some local missionaries to paint, build structures, love on some kids… Anything that needs to be done.

All joking aside, this country is one of my favorite places on earth. I’ve been there once before, and it’s where I began falling in love with Mr. Scott. Literally a life-changing experience. I’m praying that the next week will be equally as life-changing. There’s just something about getting away from the convenience of my everyday life to remind me of the needs that people face constantly. (And I’m not just talking about the needs of the Nicaraguans. I’m talking about the needs I have to get over my own selfishness, act like Jesus, and share the gospel).

Next week as internet access allows, I’ll be sharing what our team is doing and how God is working. We appreciate your prayers!

Now to go find those pills…

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