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  I know it isn't what you planned. The life you're living right now - the schedule you keep, the unexpected twists and turns, the dissatisfaction you feel - it isn't exactly what you pictured, is it? The child born with special needs. The child you're praying for but still haven't conceived. The job you lost without explanation. The husband who left and gave another his name. The bills you can't pay and the house you can't keep. The family that's imploding. The diagnosis that took your breath. It's not what you planned for, it's not what you prepared for, and it's certainly not what you prayed for. How do you move forward at all, much less with peace and joy, when the life you thought you'd have looks nothing like the one you live? How do you trust that God is good when everything feels so very bad? How do you set your mind on things above when the things nearby demand your time and attention? There is a way, but the way is never easy. It's never natural. It's never obvious. The way is through surrender. Deep down in our cores, we all know we aren't in control. We know we aren't the masters of our universe, and we know things will happen...


This blog post is inspired by the new book: Listen, Love, Repeat by Karen Ehman which releases today, November 15th! You can purchase a copy at http://listenloverepeatbook.com.   I won't deny that I'm naturally selfish. When life is in constant motion and I'm just trying to make it through my days, I become all about me. My focus is on what makes me happy, what is most convenient for me, and what is easiest for my schedule. My gaze is fixed inward, and my actions reflect my heart. But my heart needs realignment. You see, as a Christ-follower, I no longer have the luxury of being all about myself. I can no longer be satisfied with being selfish, and I can no longer be consumed with what is convenient for me. This world is not my home, and this world is not about me. My focus must shift to the Savior of my soul, and my actions must show His love to His people. With the call to love others is the call to listen to their hearts, love them where they are, and repeat. In her new book, Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World, Karen Ehman teaches what love in action looks like in our very...


  To all those who have served this country: I can't begin to imagine the sacrifices you've made for me, someone you've never met. I don't know what it's like to leave a comfortable life for difficult training or to face your mortality on a daily basis. I don't know how it feels to say goodbye to your family and friends, prayerful but unsure of whether you'll ever see them again. I can't imagine the physical discomforts you've endured or the anxiety that's plagued your mind. I also don't know what it's like to readjust to civilian life after coming home, a head full of images you can never describe and a heart full of stories you can never really explain. And I cannot fathom, for the life of me, how it feels to be rejected, abandoned, and ignored by the countrymen you fought to keep free. Or what it's like to need care and rehabilitation but be denied those things. I don't know what it's like to be you. But I will not let my ignorance prevent my gratitude. You, sir and ma'am, are heroes in every sense of the word. You have forsaken yourself and put others first, risking all you value for all we value. You are selfless...


  Oh, God, the divide in our country has not caught you off guard. You are not surprised, and you are not powerless. Across this land, some people are hurting, protesting, and afraid. Others are jubilant, excited, and celebrating. The images on my television show people weeping, people burning effigies, and people blocking roads. Words on my social media show people taunting, people cursing, and people fighting. It is a hard time in this country, Lord, and I'm sure hard times are still ahead. My prayer today, God, is for those of us who profess your name. My prayer is for Christians - little Christs - to represent you in the hurt and to reflect your love to those who feel hated. My prayer is for your people to act like your people. Here, God, is what I ask: Let our words be few, and let them be filled with grace. Let us think before we say or type anything, aware words have power and cannot be unspoken. Help us consider the perspectives of those with whom we disagree, never belittling or dismissing the concerns they may have. Let us do all we can, in our little circles, to be people of love and people of mercy. ...